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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr M.C. Howells

Deputy Headteacher

Miss M. Watts


Mrs C. Rivers


Mrs C. Lewis

Year 1

Miss M. Watts 

Year 2

Miss N. Owen (SMT)

Year 3

Mr M.D. Howells 

Year 4

Dr C. Mullins 

Year 5

Mrs J. Gale (SMT)

Year 6

Miss H. Day (SMT)

P.P.A. (KS2)

Mr R. Facciuto


School Admin


Mrs D. Evans

Caretaker/Site Manager

Mr K. Taylor




Mrs L. Davies, Ms A. Hughes


Mrs L. Thomas, Ms M. Evans


Mrs D. Thomas, Mrs T. Griffiths


Mrs E. Thorley,  







School Cleaners

Mrs L. Davies, Mrs R. Gregg

Cook in Charge

Ms D. Thomas

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs J. Brown, Mrs R. Reed

Mrs M. Evans

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L. Brown, Mrs S. Jones


Mrs V. Hutchings, Mrs T. Kelly


Mrs V. Vaughan