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School of Rock

 Year 4 have been visited by the School of Rock every Thursday and have been performing with them.

Week 1


Andy and Steve arrived at 10 am and introduced themselves to us as our School of Rock teachers. They told us we were going to learn about rock music and they played games with us to learn all about us. The first game was Dynamics whch is all about getting louder and quieter. We used body parts and our voices to show we understood the term Dynamics. We played a listening game with a shaky egg and had lots of fun. We really looked forward to the next week.

Week 2


Andy and Steve told us that at the end of the project we would be performing to our parents and the school. They told us we would be performing a Queen classic ' We Will Rock You' . They taught us about the beat of the song. We have become experts at it now. Steve gave us some parts to sing or play. We have been practising these parts ever since. At the end of the session we played Sleeping lions which is a game to calm us down at the end. Roll on week 3.

Week 3


We practised we will rock you then they taught us a new song called 'Roar' by Katy Perry.  T and K were told that they are the beat masters on the tamborine. They are in charge of keeping the beat. Another group follow the beat with shaky eggs.  The singers were put into groups called Tigers, Bears and Crocodiles. The tigers sing the first verse, the bears sing the second and the crocodiles sing the last bit. We are very excited to do this performance. Steve got the microphone out so that we could be more confident on it. We had to act like rock stars and introduce ourselves on it. H was brilliant! C was best at air guitar.


There won't be Rock School next week as some children will be on a trip.

Week 4


Mrs Gale sat in and watched us for the first time. She was very impressed and can't wait to see the final performance in a few weeks time. Mr Atkinson filmed us practising Roar. After looking back at it we know we need to work on it as we were shouting and sang too fast. We used the microphone to say our best moment of the holidays and then K kicked the microphone in true rock star form. Luckily no-one was hurt and the microphone still worked. Steve did an Elvis impression but refused to do a One direction impression saying they sing too high for him.

School of Rock

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