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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values


Bigyn Primary School takes as its main aim the achievement of the highest possible standards by all the children.  We believe that this is what parents want and it is this, which we will strive to achieve.

We as a school wish to provide for our children, whatever their ability, the opportunity to develop their talents to the full.  Their needs may change during their time in school and we have to adapt accordingly.

We wish to help the children understand the world in which they live and to provide skills which will become relevant in adult life. The school emphasizes the development of language and encourages the ability to question, discuss and communicate ideas and concepts.


We wish to foster personal and moral values whilst at the same time show respect for the religious values of other races, creeds and cultures.

We also wish to encourage the appreciation of human achievements in the sciences and in the arts and we recognise the importance of our own environment. 

Associations formed between the children, teachers, parents and governors should be rewarding and this partnership will give the children the support they need during this vital and critically important time of their lives.


School Aims


We at Bigyn Primary School aim to: -


  • Create a healthy ethos and foster good working relationships with each other, with parents, neighbouring schools, the local community and outside agencies and organizations.
  • Make use of the children’s community and interests to stimulate their learning and in turn to make a positive contribution to the life of the town.
  • Establish a school environment, which demonstrates security, promotes active learning and stimulates each individual child.
  • Provide the children with a wide range of first hand experiences that will make learning pleasurable.
  • Nurture in all persons positive attitudes to learning which will enable them to adapt to new ideas and methods and thereby achieve their full potential.
  • Help learners to become self-reliant, self-respecting and responsible adults.
  • Develop in all individuals the capacity to work both collaboratively and independently and also the ability to decide on the appropriate method for the task.
  • Develop a personal moral code sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Promote equality of opportunity and respect for all men and women irrespective of race and sex.
  • Implement as part of the curriculum the National Curriculum, including its associated assessment arrangements.
  • Preserve and develop our own cultural identity within Wales while at the same time promoting an understanding of and a respect for cultures and creeds different from our own.