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The child is central to our curriculum, its content and implementation. We aim to nurture in all our pupils positive attitudes to learning which will enable them to adapt to new ideas and methods, and thereby achieve their full potential. We believe in making full use of the children’s interests and provide rich first hand experiences which act as a stimulus to learning and actively involve pupils in such a way that what they learn becomes truly a part of them. Children do not see the boundaries between one form of knowledge and another since they are intertwined at this stage.


Nursery, Reception and Year 1 & 2 fully implement the principles of the Foundation Phase. Here the learning is based around structured play with time also being spent outdoors. This follows the principles of early education which have been utilised so very successfully in Scandinavian countries for example, for many years. The planning for this is organised under the Foundation Phase headings devised by the Welsh Assembly Government. This style of teaching for learning enables the pupils to enjoy the full benefits of structured play. However, through differentiated groupings that are based on rigorous assessment, children within Year 2 groups begin to learn in a slightly more formal way in preparation for Year 3. 


Years 3 to 6 pupils follow a thematic approach to deliver the curriculum, where as many of the National Curriculum subjects are taught within a theme including RE. Literacy and Numeracy are taught as separate subjects during morning sessions and are applied as skills during the teaching of the Foundation subjects in the afternoon sessions. Weekly timetables are followed to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum.  Delivery of the theme is as practical as possible allowing for pupils to develop their Key Skills, which include Communication, Number, ICT and Thinking. We also promote working with others, improving our own performance and problem-solving through our approach to the curriculum. Talking is promoted to enrich learning, therefore much of our pupils’ learning takes place in groups although there are times when individual and whole class learning is appropriate.


The ICT suite has been replaced with mobile technologies that allow every child instant access to electronic learning resources. We also have computers in classrooms for use in promoting ICT in all lessons.


Wherever possible the pupils are taught about Wales and their heritage through Cwricwlwm Cymreig and are taught to understand and use simple Welsh patterns in the oral and written forms.


All lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils.


Pupils participate in the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning programme aimed at developing Personal and Social Skills.