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Bigyn PTA

Bigyn PTA is a very active group where both parents, staff and pupils work very hard to provide activities, equipment and events that promote community spirit and a positive atmosphere for the whole school community to enjoy.

It's disco time

It's disco time 1
It's disco time 2
It's disco time 3
It's disco time 4

Our PTA turned our school hall into a spooky spectacular.

A brand new play house

A brand new play house 1 Cutting the ribbon at the opening.
A brand new play house 2 Hooray! Thank you so much!

Our PTA have helped us buy a new play house.

We are so happy to have a new place to work and play outdoors.


Our new scooters

Our new scooters 1 Ready to try out our new scooters.
Our new scooters 2 This is fun!
Our new scooters 3 I'm enjoying this!
Our new scooters 4 Thank you to our PTA.